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Building strong partnerships between Waschuk Pipe Line Construction Ltd. and the communities we work with is essential to our collective well-being. We strive to ensure communities are enriched by our business and look forward to our return.

"Whenever we're in a community working with our people, we feel it's important to be a part of that community - and being part of the community is giving back to the community. It's important for us, because working in this area - when strange people come into your small town, you want to have a good, warm fuzzy feeling that we're people like you and we're not here to make any problems. We're here to engage in the community, give back to the community, and that's what we do on a regular basis."

- Kevin Waschuk, Vice President of Waschuk Pipe Line Constrution Ltd.

on the Johnny Cash Tribute Band Fundraiser Event for the Boyle Community & Food Bank

With over 100 community contributions, giving back to the community remains a core objective of Waschuk Pipe Line Construction Ltd. 

Our current project (Winter 2015 - Summer 2017) we have the pleasure of working through communities in Northern Alberta. As our way of saying thanks, we have donated to local food banks, provided funding for a community Splash Park, and set up a recycling program at our camp that will fund a school trip for students, just to name a few!

“Waschuk Pipeline is proud to help sponsor the Gord Bamford Foundation’s Charity Golf Classic for the third year in a row.

More than ever, his charitable cause is important to many people, due to unfavourable economic conditions, Fort McMurray catastrophe, and the huge number of layoffs in Alberta.”

– Wes Waschuk, President, Waschuk Pipeline Construction Ltd. at the Gord Banford Charity Golf Classic

Community Contributions

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